From Biella, Italy, comes the Deep Tech sound from the hands of Jacopo and Mario, whose names make up the duo’s name and who are part of the Rewind crew.
Jamarh was formed in 2008. Since their establishment, electronic music became Mario and Jacopo’s reason for living and the dancefloors became their second home. In 2009 they released their debut EP under a small Milanese label and it was then when Jamarh project started taking shape. It was an important moment for the duo.
Their studio album would have been meaningless if they had left aside what connected them in the first place, enjoying the dancefloor together. It is there where they were inspired with strong influences from artists like Guti, Livio & Roby, tINI, Raresh, Yaya, Re-Up, Dyed, Soundorom or Ricardo Villalobos.
The duo’s next turning point took place in 2010 when, along with other friends from Biella, they launched WAREHOUSE, a project that was shared with Franco Lopez among others. Warehouse gave them the opportunity to meet with artists of the stature of Yaya, León, Re-U, Luca Agnelli, Marco Faraone, Sossa, Anthea, Fernando Costantini, Fabrizio Maurizi, Loqauce, Hector and many more.
By time, and through their activity in the booth, the duo’s style had been shaped where traces of tribal sound, deep and vocal, with influences from the best House in North Europe could be heard, always incorporating new trends in their music.
January 2013 was unforgettable for the duo, it was when they launched a decisive EP for their career under the label that had influenced it, KINA Music. Two tracks on this EP, “In my Skin” and “Sometimes”, were backed by world class names. Since then, their releases kept flowing, including: Earlydub, Bodyparts, Inmotion, Monday Morning, Baile,… as well as releases in vinyl under Innocent & Limited Records.
Their credit in the studio and the Warehouse support has launched them to the international scene. They took part in Innocent Music Showcase in Slovenia with Mister Martin Buttrich as a special guest, shared the stage with Proudly People in Classic Club Remini for the showcase of their Monday Morning, participated in sessions in London for Purple Inc Party and shared the stage with the big Re- Up and David Gtronic in Bar512



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