Claudia Amprimo

Since her emergence in the electric scene in 2007, Claudia has been applauded at festivals and clubs around the world, sharing the stage with world renowned artists.

Her evolving style can be described as a balance between Tech House and Minimal, with deep and dark sounds from deep inside House and Techno. Claudia does not hesitate to combine different genres in search of her unique music sound.

A few years ago, Claudia raided the music production, which she is currently devoted to. In her own words, her music can be described as “collection of sounds with a deep dark atmosphere”. Her creativity and talent resulted in her working for labels such as BodyParts, Tzinah Records and Musik dance, among others; launching her new sound on vinyl with labels such as Monoclap.

In 2015, Claudia moved to Barcelona, which was a new creative phase for new ideas and influences in her studio work and dance floors. Her mixes and productions are characterized by an elegant, complex style, always coming from her special groove.