Angel Mosteiro

A dark, elegant and surround sound, the hallmarks from Angel Mosteiro. His work in the both is a statement of intent. A committed DJ who connects with the dancefloor in each session with an original style and constantly evolving, in line with the best minimal and dub techno music.

Ángel Mosteiro was born in 1987 in Galicia / Spain. He was first introduced to Hip-Hop music at an early age. He was soon temped and seduced by the underground techno.

In 2007, in Madrid, where he lives today, he fully entered the world of music and made contacts in the industry such as artists and promoters who opened the doors to his sound and Angel began his career in raves and small clubs from Galicia and Madrid.

His next step? Ángel Mosteiro creates its own brand in September 2013 and Rewind Electric Parties was born, with monthly sessions in Galicia and Madrid clubs and remarkable “Showcases” in Tenerife and Ibiza. At the same time, he started working as a producer and soon released his first tracks for labels such Vandalism Musique, Malicious Smile LTD, Wavetech Music or Serkal.

His releases have been supported by great artists such Marco Carola, Robert Dietz, Davide Squillace, Christian Burhkardt, Nima Gorji, Santos (Italy), Steve Lawler, Deltano, Melhard, Someone Else and more.

Following the recent creation of Rewind Muzik in 2015, booking agency, Ángel is immersed in his career as a professional DJ without forgetting his role as a producer which he focuses most of his effort, as well as his new sound on vinyl with a recent Ep on Act-Fact Records (Only Vinyl / Switzerland) and other new releases coming soon on Ipsum or Monoclap, among others.

Now he has new references in other great labels as Tzinah Records, Mood 24, Tupiar or DubGestion. Continuing his studio work to achieve new goals in his career.

In the past year, noting his recent visit to Mexico DF and their involvement in recent Rewind Muzik Showcase; in Geneva (Switzerland) as in the last two Sonar Off Week of Barcelona

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